Duvel Triple hop 2012 with Citra hop

Duvel Triple hop 2012 with Citra hop

Well it’s not long now until the Peterborough Beer festival, in fact we are less than a week away until the big one!

I thought I’d celebrate with a small order from Beermerchants.com – a site I’ve used before when something ‘special’ is in order. ¬†Luckily they deliver next day, so the beers is safely with me already ūüôā

I’d spotted something that really got my interest in one of their regular mail-outs; a special version of that Belgium legend, Duvel. ¬† Now the golden devil is one of my all time favourites – just how do they make a 8.5% ‘lager’ taste so great?! ¬†Even I can almost taste the ‘peach’ flavours that come through.

Anyway, this ‘triple hop’ version of Duvel looked like my idea of heaven – Duvel, plus more hops! ¬† Oddly the “3 hop” Duvel actually has 4 hops in it, but hey ho, I’m not complaining. ¬†The description says the brewers will release a different version each year, and the 2012 has picked a good-un, the currently fashionable ‘Citra’ hop. ¬† Now my local favourites Oakham Ales were the first to brew with Citra in the UK (I’m sure I’ve read), and it makes for super hoppy beer, something I’m a massive fan of! ¬† ¬†Therefore I can’t wait to taste this new Duvel.. it’s in my fridge cooling right now. ¬†Oh and it’s a jaw dropping 9.5% too, so not to be taken lightly!

I thought I’d throw in another Belgium beer, one I’ve not tried before; Hopus – hopefully the name is giving away something of its nature.

UPDATE: ¬†I’ve tried one of the Duvel tripe hop beers now – and WOW! ¬† Still the lovely gold colour the beer is famous for, still crisp n bright (as long as you pour properly and leave the sediment in the bottle), and what a hop aroma and taste! ¬†I’m not great at describing, but it’s like a lager version of IPA, with a bit of 9.5% subtly hiding behind the massive hop hit. Zooms right up my list of all time favourites… and after 1 bottle you just know it’s strong, 3 or 4 and you really would feel it!

To round out the order.. well to add some more beers really, I went a little mad and included some American craft IPAs – one a wallet scaring ¬£12.50 for a single 75cl bottle.. but hey, you have to pay for quality, and I can’t wait to taste those two American bad boys! ¬† I’ll report back once I’ve opened em up.

I just hope these beers leave my taste buds ready for my judging duties at the bee festival on Wednesday – my invite arrived yesterday, and it’s an 11am start, with some 24 or so beers to taste (enjoy), rate and judge. ¬† It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Oh and if you’re still reading this, don’t forget that if you are visiting the Pboro Beerfest next week (Tues 21-Sat 25th Aug), that I have a free and easy to use mobile app for your phones and devices, which has all the beers and cider & perry listed, with search facilities and voting so you can help score those ales! ¬†Just click here in your phone – or type in¬†http://beerfest.kristianbrown.co.uk/app/ to use!

Cheers and good drinking, Krispy!

Mmm.. beer!  American craft IPA flank the triple hop Duvel

Mmm.. beer! American craft IPA flank the triple hop Duvel