I’m very happy, as the organisers of the Peterborough CAMRA Beer festival appear to have listened to either the complaints, or the lower visitor numbers last year, and have reverted a few things to what I feel is the winning formula.

Gone is the dreadful ‘new’ layout, where the music tent turned into a dead-end, meaning a lot of people never visited, and the festival lost the nice circular walk ‘around and around’ it had previously, where you were much more likely to walk past friends / family etc.

Well the ‘old’ layout is BACK!  Great stuff.  See it here on the official website.

Also another complaint of mine had been including the glass price in the entrance fee – making it look far too expensive!   If you take your glass back, you  shouldn’t have to pay for another, only to trade it straight back!?   Last year’s headline prices put people off – getting back to £4/£5 looks far better.  Also having a £1 for a lunchtime session again makes far more sense – well done organisers.

One let-down is the fact Thursday isn’t all day any more – an old tradition… but I’d rather that and take back the layout and more sensible looking pricing.

2012 Pboro Beer Festival Poster

2012 Pboro Beer Festival Poster