one of my 'tasters' last year

One of my ‘tasters’ last year – this year it gets serious!

I had some amazing news yesterday – that I am being invited to go and be a guest judge at this year’s beerfest!

I know that every year the festival chooses the best of the best from each beer style (standard bitters, premium bitters, stout & porters, specialist, strong/barley wine, milds etc), and a champion beer of the festival across the entire range.

Well this year I’ll be one of the team helping to pick those champions.   It’s to thank me for the years of helping to promote the event via my Facebook/Twitter and home website (and now this micro site!).  Whatever the reason I’m very happy to have been asked, even if I’ll probably be out of my depth.  Luckily I enjoy all beers styles, so it won’t be too much of a grind 🙂

I’ve spotted an article in last year’s local paper where they went along to take part.. not sure if that’s put the fear of god into me or not!?  Take a look here.

Hopefully I’ll help pick out some crackers – I’ll make sure I list the champions here on this site for you to try and find when you’re at the festival next week.   Catch me on twitter @dartsbeerscheer

Cheers, Krispy.

Last year’s best of the best

Overall Champion

  1. Gold – Flowerpots Flowerpots IPA
  2. Silver – Dark Star Victorian Ruby Mild
  3. Bronze – Leeds Samba

Don’t forget I have a mobile web app for this year’s festival – it’s unofficial, but the local CAMRA branch are impressed!  It lists the beers, their breweries, and the strengths, along with the official tasting notes.  Use it here on your iPhone or Android phones: