As we get closer to the festival, I’m getting updates for the beers and cider through, so the pages here and the Mobile App are now updated – the cask ales should be now as up to date as the printed guide will be, but we’ll get late updates all the way up to the festival opening day (ish).

Also if you want to hear from two of our local breweries (Bexar County and Miletree), the local Peterborough FM radio station did a show featuring them, and you can hear it here.  The mobile app and myself get a mention, thanks Steve Saldana (Bexar County brewery), for the kind words!

1/3rd Pint Rumour?

Also I’ve heard that there may be 1/3rd measures available at this year’s festival, something I thought was great at the Nottingham beer festival last year.  For those of us who want to try as many beers as possible (at least Tues/Weds.. then I often go for my favourites on Thursday eve as it gets busier and I don’t want to spend as much time waiting to be served).

If the Pboro festival has adopted the 1/3rd pint measure I’ll be very happy.

UPDATE:  While there won’t be 1/3rd pint glasses, I am assured that the volunteers on the bars have 1/3rd pint measures to serve – so those of us who like to try 3 different beers for every pint drunk will be happy bunnies.

Peterborough FM at the Festival

Local community radio station, Peterborough FM, will be producing shows through the entire festival – so you may get interviewed if you show an interest!  From what I’ve read, the people with the radio station are all volunteers, so good on em.  I HATE commercial radio with it’s tiny (paid for) music lists – boo to them.. but not to Peterborough FM, who are a lotto / charity funded community organisation.

Steve Saldana (and me on the left)

Steve Saldana of Bexar County (and me on the left) at a Hand and Heart beer festival