Beerfest Mobile app

Beerfest Mobile app

Just a quick note to say that my Peterborough Beer Festival Mobile App is now at version 4, and I’ve added a proper text search, which searches not only the beer names, but also the tasting notes.

Open this url in your phone or mobile device (it does work on PC/laptops too);

That way you can search for things like a hop name (i.e. ‘citra’), or a flavour you may be looking for ‘blackberry’.

I’ve also recently added beer scoring, where you can rate the festival ales between 1 and 5 stars, and then see what the top 25 is from all those who have voted.

The app includes all the draught ales, and the cider and perry lists.  If I get time I’ll add the European/World bottled beers too.

It’s free, and provided as a useful app for all those visiting the festival.  While it is unofficial, the local CAMRA team know about it and are also promoting it to their twitter followers.

I’m off to the festival site on Saturday, for a preview tour of the site!  I’ll try and get some photo’s to post up here.

Cheers, Krispy