About this app

Created by: Kristian 'Krispy' Brown

This is a semi-official mobile web app for the Peterborough Beer Festival, which takes place Tues 23-Sat 27th August, 2016. [opening times]

Originally created by myself, Krispy in 2012 help tech savvy visitors enjoy the 35th beer festival. As it made the local press, and many people seemed to enjoy using it, I have updated it for all the festivals since!

This is a mobile WEB application, so there is no download required, and it should work on any phone or device with a web browser. Completely re-written in 2015 using jQuery Mobile with custom PHP and data stored in a MySql database.

My passions are good beer (real and craft), technology, music (punk), and having a good time. I am a developer by day (Java / JEE / Hibernate/ Seam / JSF / Oracle / WordPress), and in my spare time I create PHP/WordPress sites like this (23 years IT experience man and boy). My latest work project was Mags Direct, an online magazine shop which sells worldwide.

I sometimes write updates for my beer blog; The Beer Writer, where I share visits to pubs/beer festivals, as well as my home brewing exploits and recipes. If you want to contact me, use the contact details here.

As normal I will be at the beerfest from Tuesday to the end of Thursday (possibly even Friday evening to see the Stringulars band. I'll be enjoying many ales, and getting pictures n stuff for my blog. I also love watching the bands, as live REAL music cannot be beaten (I am part of The Scary Clown Presents... a DIY punk gig organiser). You can find me on twitter by following @krispybeer, and do not forget the official festival twitter @BoroBeerFest

Enjoy the festival! Cheers, Krispy.

Krispy Brown

Privacy and all that!

This app just uses one tiny cookie to store a unique user id, just so we can show you your votes, and stop you voting for the same beer over n over. That is it! It does NOT know who you are, what your e-mail is, or where you bank. I am not that clever for starters! Using this app does mean you agree to that cookie, BUT you are not giving me the right to do anything with your personal details (not that I know them in the first place).