While the Peterborough beer festival is over five days (continues today, Saturday), I am now done and dusted.  I normally only manage 3 days, but I managed to pace myself enough that I could go again Friday to watch a friend play in the music tent.

voting top 25 sat afternoon

voting top 25 sat afternoon

Press pass in hand, I turned up at 5pm, more than enough time to try a few more halves before Psych-o-bombs hit the stage.  So enjoy a few beers I did, including some of the last of Xtreme ales beer at the festival, I had their chocolate stout, and very smooth it was too, a great first beer.

While I was enjoying that, I did manage to pop into the music tent to watch some of the The Palmerston Ukulele Band, who are fantastic and fun.  The Palmerston Arms pub if you’ve not been is one of the mecca’s for real ale and community spirit in Peterborough, one of a handful who buck the trend.  I’ve not been for too long, so do need a trip there soon!

Anyway, other beers enjoyed last night included  Track N Field by Harviestoun Brewery, a nice light session beer,  Iron Horse Prospect by Bexar County Brewery – probably one of the lighter/easier drinking beers from ‘Texas Steve’ here in Peterborough.   The last beer I had before the music started was Double JIP by Nene Valley Brewery – a BIG sweet malty warming American barley wine.  I think Nene Valley should take a bow, as not only was that a cracking beer, but they won the champion beer with their dark Bible Black, so they really have come on as a great local brewery making some very fine beers.

I grabbed my camera and got behind the barrier in the music tent to get some decent (ish) photo’s of the Psych-o-Bombs – then back into the crowd with some old friends to have a proper listen.   They really entertained the large (and growing) crowd with their great mix of 60’s (and possibly one 50’s?) tracks – some ‘proper’ music!

I couldn’t stay for the 2nd band, as my body was telling me that 4 hours was enough on top of the 3 days I’d already been at the festival.  So I bought some hot donuts and made my way home – well one last treat 🙂

Don’t forget to use my mobile app if you are going along – we need your votes to find the ‘punters beer of the festival’.  There’s some good beers in the top 25 at the moment, but your votes could help find our favourite beer.

As always, what a great job the local CAMRA team do organising such a huge event, and well done to all those who served us our beers / ciders / wines.    Unfortunately there was an issue with the toilets – I was told that the local main sewer got blocked, and I know some of the CAMRA team where rushing around behind the scenes to try and get it sorted.  So the main block of toilets were roped off, and there were some huge queues to use the backup block.  But it was all pretty good natured – the good beer properly helped.  I hear its sorted now – so those going tonight will be fine and not have to cross their legs!