Well I’m writing this Wednesday morning, after a nice n steady 5 hours at yesterday’s opening day/night.

I went along with “Mrs Krispy” my good wife Nicola, and my brother Ross to the trade session, and stuck around until about 8pm.  An early night for me, but knowing that I’m back today at 11am to judge (it’s not open until 12 to the public), I thought it best to save myself so I could still handle the 25 ish beers I’ll be trying during the judging session.  Yep it’s tough work, but someone has to do it.  By about 2pm we should know the winners of the best beers by category, and the champion beer of the festival.   Hopefully the public and trade voted for some decent beers yesterday, as our selection to judge from comes from those public votes.

Had a few good beers yesterday, the St Austell ‘Big Job’ is an amped up Proper Job – which isn’t a bad beer in itself, but at a 7+ % strength, with obviously bags more hops, it much more an IPA in the style I like.  I spoke with David Guy of St Austell (also happens to be my step-dad), and he tells me it’s a real limited edition beer, with less than 20 barrels available across the UK.

If you’re coming to the festival today – you may want to bring a light jacket, or some layered clothes, cause it got COLD last night!

App Status after Tuesday:

  • Total number of cask ales: 391
  • Total number of bottled beers: 153
  • Total number of Cider/Perrys: 84
  • Total number of users: 948
  • Total number of votes: 72
  • Total number of wishlist entries: 248

Remember to use the app to find beers, vote for your favourites and get any info you need about the festival; beerfest.kristianbrown.co.uk/app/