Krispy at the Peterborough Beer festival 2013
The sun is shining….well it is now and then, honest!   So my mind is turning towards the annual Peterborough Beer Festival, the highlight of the cities social calendar in my eyes.   It’s the one thing this place does well – and should be proud of.

So it’s time I updated this site, and started preparing for the week in August when all sane beer fiends will be heading down to the Peterborough embankment, so sample the best of British (and world) beer and cider.

I’ve spent the last year trying more craft ales – and I have to admit I really am a craft ale enthusiast now, something which will grate with some ‘real ale’ people at CAMRA.  But I believe “good beer is good beer” – even if it doesn’t quite meet the specification to be ‘real ale’ (some craft ales are bottled… or even canned, without live yeast in them).

Peterborough has welcomed a brand new craft ale brewery on the scene, Bexar County, who are bringing some very modern and ‘subversive’ beers.. look out for them!  Steve the head brewer is a Texan living in our city, and he’s brought some Texan craft brewing ideas with him (beers will chilli in for starters!).

I’m also going to be updating the mobile web app I made for the 2012 beer festival – and that work has started already.  Once the local CAMRA team supply me with the beers, I can start putting them into the system.  At the moment the app still shows last year’s selection, along with the votes as they were made by YOU the beer loving public.

As information comes in, I’ll obviously keep this site updated.  At the time of posting, it’s just over Nine Weeks until the 36th Pboro Beer festival!  Opening times are already available here.